Kees began diving in 1999, and as an amateur photographer, he took his first camera underwater the year after. Kees started underwaterphotography with his trusty Nikon f601 in an Ikelite underwater housing. After 3 analogue years, he fully embraced the digital area as of 2004. Capturing the light underwater and the record the feeling of diving, is what Kees drives underwater.

His test grounds are the Dutch murky waters were visibility is more rare than usual, so it is the ideal place to push lighting scenarios to the limit. In his homewaters Kees is always exploring and testing new ideas and gear to refine his skills.

In 2006 and 2007 Kees won the official Dutch Underwater Photography Championship. Ever since he writes articles about underwater photography and travelling for the Dutch magazine “Duiken” and is a freelance photographer for several travel magazines, websites and stockagencies. 

Kees runs workshops in underwater photography for those wishing to explore the possibilities of underwater photography and create own ideas and inspiration. Like no other, Kees knows how to let people find their own rhythm in photography. Underwater photography should be like breathing; you should not think about f-stops and settings underwater. You just know your configurations for the desired results. Only then you will have your mind free to become creative.

In his workshops Kees will let you use the possibilities. The emphasis lies on capturing the light and creating and discovering your own style.